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NK Immune Water was selected as ‘2021 The Best Brand of Consumers’ Choice.

NKCL 2021.11.01 12:58


Deep sea water ‘NK Immune Water’ of NKCL Bio Group Inc. was nominated and selected as the best brand in the natural mineral water category in ‘2021 The Best Brand of Consumers’ Choice.’

From last July, for a month of period, it selected the best brands by strictly evaluate the brand value of each fields by consumers and expert groups. NKCL Bio Group was selected as a winner with other major brands such as LG Electronics, Starbucks, Chevrolet, Air Days, and S. Pellegrino.

As its catchy phrase of ‘Water that is close to my body,’ it is composed with the mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, that is similar to human body fluid, which enables rapid absorption in the body. There are only 5 nations, including Korea, where can produce deep sea water in worldwide. Because it is clearly separated from the surface of ocean water due to lack of the sunlight, it is safe and clean to drink.