Personalized Immune Cell Treatment NKCL Classic

[NKCLC Bittrex Exchange Wallet Open Announcement]

NKCL 2021.11.04 10:29

Announcing Wallet Open date of NKCL Classic on Bittrex Exchange
*Local Time*
▶️ Wallet open date: 2021-11-03 (Wednesday) 16:00 PM PDT

*Korean Time*
▶️Wallet open date: 2021-11-04 (Thursday) 8:00 AM (UTC+9)

Bittrex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in size located in Seattle, USA. As Bittrex collaborated with Upbit and operated the liquidity of listed coins on Bittrex, it is well known for its stable server operation and rapid customer service which receives favorable reviews. Also because of its UI of platform optimization provides excellent convenience, Bittrex, including Korea, has number of users from various nations worldwide. 

Please stay tuned on NKCLC’s next listings! 

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