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[NKCL Bio Group Inc. prop supported SBS Drama ‘Let Me Your Night’]

NKCL 2021.11.09 16:54



An official poster of SBS Drama, ‘Let me be your night’ [provided by NKCL Bio Group Inc.]


NKCL Bio Group Inc. has prop supported SBS New Sunday Drama, first aired on the 7th, ‘Let me be your night’ with NK Immune Water.

NKCL Bio Group Inc. has exposed at the popular dramas <Hospital Playlist 2>, < High Class>, etc.


The drama ‘Let me be your night,’ starring Jeong In Seon, Lee Jun Young etc., is a sweet, brutal, mental healing romance drama with a story of a world star idol who is suffering from sleepwalking and a disguised resident who needs to treat sleepwalking secretly. With its interesting content, the drama caught viewers’ sights and recorded 2.1% of viewer rating (national standard).


NK Immune water of NKCL Bio Group Inc., uses the ocean water resource that is located under the depth of 200m where sunlight does not reach. Because of this characteristic, it is clean seawater that is safe and free from environmental pollutants.

And it is rich in various minerals necessary for human body, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium etc., high mineral contentment of plentiful minerals compared to groundwater or bottled water.

Moreover, small water molecular particles aged for 2,000 years under the deep sea with mineral balance of Magnesium 3 : Calcium 1 : Potassium 1, which are similar to human body fluid, enable rapid absorption in the body.


NK Immune water has a standard size of 500ml and two versions in 350ml size which can be mixed and drink with water mixable NKCL products.


Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group Inc. said ‘as the resident provide personalized one on one treatment to an idol who is suffering from sleepwalking, the synopsis well matches NKCL Bio Group’s brand direction. NKCL is planning to spread out various marketing activities in order to promote this premium deep-sea NK Immune Water to a wide range of age groups of men and women of all ages.