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NKCL Bio Group Inc. won the 9th 2021 Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award for the second time in a row.

NKCL 2021.12.02 18:16


Last thirtieth of November, NKCL Bio Group Inc. won the ninth 2021 Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award in the Innovative Immune Cell Cultivation Technology Field for the second time in a row.


‘Future Creative Superiority Company Grand Award’ is an award to discover and select companies that lead the fields of customer satisfaction excellency, enhance the job creation etc., supported by Ministry of Employment and Labor and Ministry of Science and ICT and hosted by mass media Moneytoday.


NKCL was nominated, under the purpose of selection of Ministry of Science and ICT, with its growth of higher value-added industry that is based with the knowledge and technology, not with the increasing industry of simple labor intensive and its contribution to training and increasing technology, production and service personnel.


Through the production facility expansion of GMP certified Automated Cultivation System in 2021, NKCL Bio Group Inc. made approximately over 300% rate of job creation compare to previous year. And in 2022, NKCL Bio Group is expecting approximately over 1000% rate of job creation.

Furthermore, NKCL Bio Group is promoting invigorate local economy and increase local income and job creation by operating Immune Bakery HACCP certified plant and opening franchises.


NKCL Bio Group is a Korean incorporate that researches and develops NK Immune Cell Treatment which is highlighted as fourth industry, so called the next generation industry. As immunity became the most important interest, NKCL Bio Group constructs and operates one on one customized immune cell treatments’ immune care platform through GMP certified Automated Cultivation based with excellent technology.


Especially, through experiencing lacking numbers of vaccine, the whole world suffered and realized the serious decline in productivity of treatment production capacity. At the same time, through differentiated competitiveness with high-tech cell treatment and GMP certified Automated Cultivation system, NKCL is expecting increase in productivity and cost reduction effect on cell treatment.


After its establishment as a company, NKCL Bio Group is presenting daily life related technologies and products by expanding medi-food bio field and microbiome technology. NKCL is growing as a successful immune care brand with the products clothed with brand concept of ‘immune care,’ and NK Immune Bakery Café.


Starting with the opening of Dongtan main store, NK Immune Bakery Café is successfully operating by expanding the number of stores to twenty-three stores in nationwide. Dongtan main store, presenting dinner menus as main product, is leading by the Main Chef Kim Yang-SU, who has a splendid history of career at Eden Hotel in Italy; ONL in Cheongdam, Korea; and as General Chef of La Foresta of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.


NKCL Bio Group said, “Not only we actively setup Personalized Immune Care Platform in 2022, but also by February, 2022, cooperating with hospitals and clinics in Dongtan district, NKCL is focusing on establishing ‘NK Human Immune Treatment Center,’ the comprehensive treatment plex mall, including Immune Examination Center, Immune Treatment Center, Immune Drug Store, Immune Café and etc.


Moreover, NK Immune Water of NKCL Bio Group Inc. won ‘2021 the Best Brand of Consumers’ Choice,’ along with LG Dios, Starbucks, Chevrolet, Air Days, San Pellegrino. Also, NKCL Bio Group Inc. won the Grand Award of the Promising Bio Enterprise Field for the second consecutive year at the 2021 Korea Future Management Awards hosted by Herald Economy and Korea Herald.