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NKCL Bio Group expands business area with exclusive license for cosmetic composition of NK cell culture medium

NKCL 2022.01.18 18:01


NKCL Bio Group researches and develops NK cell therapeutics using the technology of culture method for autologous immune cells, which maintains the same quality of cell therapy products. We are leading the universalization of NK cell therapeutics by establishing a GMP automatic culture system that enables efficient mass production. In addition, with the establishment of an automatic culture system, it is possible not only to cultivate NK cells, but also to research and develop CDMO consignment production that records and completes data, in collaboration with institutions that need culture research.

NKCL Bio Group has conducted research and development to add not only NK cells but also compositions obtained through NK cell culture as active ingredients to cosmetics, and has released cosmetics containing the composition.

A study was regarding (1) using the active ingredients of the culture medium obtained during the autoimmune cell culture process as raw materials for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, and (2) Whether it is possible to use a culture medium from which immune cells containing a large amount of active ingredients such as cytokines have been removed, that is, a medium composition to be used as an active ingredient in a cosmetic composition or pharmaceutical composition.

Functionally, it has developed products that can contribute to skin immunity activation and skin regeneration with culture ingredients optimized for activating and amplifying NK cell culture.

Furthermore, NKCL Bio Group has secured a patent-exclusive license for cell culture medium to further utilize the active ingredient as a functional cosmetics, in addition to the previous utilization of the active ingredients of the cell culture medium.

Exclusive license refers to the right of the patent holder, etc. to exclusively use (use) the patented invention as a business within the scope of a contract with a third party by specifying the content, area, and period.

The exclusive license secured by NKCL Bio Group is a functional cosmetic composition obtained by the NK cell culture method and culture, and is functionally effective for skin whitening, pigmentation removal, and wrinkle improvement. It is now possible to expect an anti-inflammatory effect on dermatitis caused by bites.

In particular, NKCL Bio Group plans to develop various anti-inflammatory products such as nasal sprays that emphasize the effect of relieving gastric inflammation and expand the premium cosmetic line by specifying ‘functional cosmetics’ through an exclusive license.

NKCL Bio Group said, “By securing a patent-exclusive license for allogeneic immune cell therapeutics   and cell culture cosmetic composition, we have achieved solid growth in terms of technological advancement and company level growth ahead of the completion of the GMP Automatic Culture System and NK Immune Therapy Center. We expect that this patent-exclusive license will give a firm identity to the ‘Immune Care Platform’ pursued by the company.”