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NKCL Bio Group Wins the 8th Grand Prize for Best Future Creative Management

NKCL 2020.12.22 14:46


NKCL Bio Group has won the grand prize in the technology innovation category of immune cell cultivation in the 8th Best Future Creative Management Awards 2020 organized by Money Today.

NKCL Bio Group (Chairman Shin Dong-hwa) is a bio company that researches and develops immune cell therapy using NK immune cells based on excellent domestic technology. It is leading the mass production and popularization of immune cell therapy through automated cultivation system. The company is drawing attention as a leader in immune care brand in the new untact age brought on by the outbreak of COVID-19.

NKCL Bio Group is targeting the $100 billion immunotherapy market with differentiated systems. NK cells are immune cells responsible for our body's immune system, which have the ability to remove intravenous bacteria, viruses, and malignant and abnormal cells, helping to treat diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and arthritis. The cells have anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, and antioxidant effects. They also help blood circulation and skin cell regeneration.

To solve the chronic problem of scarce high-quality human resources in the field of cell cultivation research, NKCL Bio Group introduced the AI controlled GMP automated cell cultivation system. It's free from human errors and prevents the outflow of advanced technologies from the loss of personnel. The system also contributes to popularization of immunotherapy by maximizing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs of its products.

A NKCL official said, "It is significant that our company has been recognized as one of the leaders who will lead the next generation economy. The public's interest in immunity is increasing day by day as they're living in the time the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we'll approach consumers through various channels like our immune care products and immune care centers."

Recently, NKCL Bio Group released a high mineral premium deep ocean water product called 'NK Immune Water.' Deep ocean water is low in temperature and is very clean. It also contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

The company official said that they are constantly receiving business proposals from hospitals at home and abroad, and that they are currently reviewing them. The core of the proposals is concerned with the establishment of immunotherapy infrastructure and immune cell cultivation centers, and businesses related to immune care platform.

Actually, NKCL Bio Group re-signed a MOU with a hospital in Qingdao, China at the end of August. The company aims to establish an automated cell cultivation center in China. For the same objective, the company has signed MOUs with nine cities in seven countries.