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NKCL Bio Group Launches Paroiro Immune Bread

NKCL 2021.05.20 10:12


NKCL Bio Group is launching Paroiro Immune Bread, made with their microbiome technology. Paroiro NK Immune Bread is a premium healthy bread that contains lactic acid bacillus that helps improve intestinal functions and immunity. “Paroiro” was named after the ideal ratio of beneficial and harmful intestinal bacteria, 85:15. The first store to release the bread will be the Paroiro NK Immune Bakery Cafe, located in Bansong-dong, Dongtan, and 660m2 in area. 

NKCL Bio Group will use this cafe as their way into the bakery business.

The obstacle to preventing bread from being digested is gluten. Undigested gluten attacks and damages the villar cells in the small intestine, causing inflammation. 70% of the immunity cells that determine bodily immunity is located in the intestine. Weakening of the small intestine prevents the creation and activation of immunity cells to cause weaker immunity. Nutrition absorption is obstructed to cause malnutrition, anemia, and even osteoporosis.

Paroiro NK Immune Bread of NKCL Bio Group contains lactobacillus that facilitates digestion, absorption, and disassembly, and 50 types of complex beneficial flora, including 20 complex beneficial bacteria. This calibrates the intestinal balance to 85% beneficial bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria, helping to improve intestinal function and immunity. In particular, the flora included in the bread was extracted from domestic native microorganisms, suitable for Koreans’ bodily constitution.

NKCL Bio Group will open its first NK Immune Bakery Cafe in late May, located in Bansong-dong, Dongtan. The Paroiro NK Immune Bread will be showcased there for the first time. The cafe will be located at the heart of the cafe street in Dongtan’s new city 1. It will be a two-story building with great access, 660m2 in area.

On the first floor will be the NK Immune Bread Lab, doing R&D on bakery menu with microbiome flora.  In particular, in line with the pandemic era, the cafe will focus on non-contact services with vending machines for coffee and desserts, and slushy freezer using a supercooler. The second floor will house the bakery cafe and a promotional zone.


Starting with the Dongtan branch, the Paroiro NK Immune Bread will also launch a delivery service for frozen dough for home baking. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a rise in the demand for DIY products, and to the growth of home baking market.

 According to Nielson Korea, the market for frozen bakery has been showing an annual growth rate of about 50%, estimated to be 17.1 billion won in 2018, 27 billion in 2019, and 40 billion in 2020. Paroiro NK Immune Bread plans to deliver frozen dough developed with unique technology so that consumers can enjoy quality immunity bread at home.

In the meantime, NKCL Bio Group established the NKCL Microbiome Lab on January 21, in cooperation with the research team led by Professor Yoon Bok-geun. It plans to launch various microbiome products, including NK Immune Biome Balance, NK Immune Biome Gluten Cut, Master Cook, and others for balanced intestinal microorganisms. 

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