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NKCL Bio Group has opened ‘Nutritional Director’ Course in Yonsei University

NKCL 2021.05.10 14:29



NKCL Bio Group has opened 15-weeks course on nutritional health and functional medicine in Yonsei University, for upcoming semester on this March. Previously, last October, NKCL opened a university course on immunity at Songwon University. This is the second time for NKCL to host university course as a bio-enterprise.

‘Nutritional Director’ refers to the person who can give professional advice regarding diets and lifestyle in order to enhance the immune system of the clients. The course is conducted by Dr. Yoon Bok-Geun, who is a recognized authority on functional medicine and microbiome.

The course subjects include 10 major metabolic syndromes, and interpretation of the Metabolic Testing Result of patients. Upon completion of the course, successful graduates will be able to provide professional consultation to the clients regarding nutrients and disease prevention, which is a skill that is applicable in various fields like bio-industry, medical institutes, medicines and etc.

Nutritional Director course in Yonsei University will strictly follow the Covid-19 prevention guidelines. The applicants will get various benefits provided by the university as well. The application can be submitted through online website or visiting the admission office. ‘Nutritional Director’ course will start from March 8th. The class will be held every Monday from 7pm to 10pm. The applications will be accepted by order of arrival.

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