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Activation of ‘Regenerative Medicine Law’ fosters growth of ‘CDMO’ market and increase in manufacturing facilities.

NKCL 2021.04.06 14:48


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According to the research, ‘Global Biologics Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Market, Forecast to 2022’, conducted by global market research firm, Frost & Sullivan, the market size will grow by 13.7% annually for the next 5 years from 2019. The market worth is estimated to reach 25.3 billion dollars in 2025, starting from 13.3 billion in 2019.

Among which, the contract manufacturing market for cell therapy is estimated to reach 10.1 Billion dollars by 2026, with annual growth rate of 31%.

In accordance with this rapid growth of CDMO market, major Korean cell therapy manufacturers such as Green Cross Cell, Cha Biotech, and NKCL Bio Group are quick to respond to the changes.

NKCL Bio Group have started construction of Automated NK cell cultivation center and research lab in 2019, with a scale of 4,000m2, located at high tech industrial complex in Hwaseong, Kyung-ki, Korea. The construction will be completed in 2021, in time with the ‘Regenerative medicine law’ is enforced by government. The design of NKCL’s cell cultivation center is aimed to comply three different GMPs (K-GMP, cGMP, and EU-GMP). Also, AI technology is applied to the system to completely automate the manufacturing process. The bio-data of the patients gathered during the service will be securely stored using block-chain technology.

The shortage in Covid-19 vaccines has raised a need to increase efficiency and productivity on manufacturing medicines. The industry leaders are building high-tech facilities to increase the productivity and decrease in manufacturing cost. Also, with the enforcement of ‘Regenerative Medicine Law’ the market is forecasted to boost up and be activated.