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Opening Ceremony Held for Paroiro (85:15) Dongtan Branch

NKCL 2021.06.17 10:14


Immune Bakery Ltd. held an opening ceremony for Paroiro (85:15) Dongtan Branch for two days, on June 10-11. The ceremony was held under strict measures to prevent COVID-19 and invited only a limited audience.

“Paroiro NK Immune Bread” is a premium healthy bread that includes lactobacillus for improved intestinal functions and helps strengthen immunity. The name comes from the Korean pronunciation of 85:15, the ideal balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in the intestines. With the catchphrase “invisible but present,” the significance of intestinal bacteria, responsible for immunity and present in the human body, is emphasized.

The cafe will be located at the heart of the cafe street in Dongtan’s new city 1. It will be a two-story building with great access, 660m2 in area. Located in the heart of the cafe street in Dongtan Central Park, the area is commercially developed and easy to access.

On the first floor will be the NK Immune Bread Lab, doing R&D on bakery menu with microbiome flora. The second floor will house the bakery cafe and a promotional zone. 


A representative of Paroiro revealed the plan to operate an immunity bakery, which will supply immune bread to different branches, and a frozen dough factory, directly managed by the HQ. Based on this, 10 immunity bakeries will be built in 8 major cities across the country, and the ultimate goal is to open about 300 Paroiro Immune Bakeries.

In the meantime, Paroiro Immune Bakery Cafe has opened branches in Dongtan, Yatap, and Ansan. Additional branches in Pyeongtaek, Sinchang Gwangju, Heukseok, Yanglim, Poonghyang, and Ssangchon.

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