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NKCL Bio Group Sponsors Drama “Unless You’re Crazy”

NKCL 2021.06.30 15:24



NKCL Bio Group is sponsoring the production of MBC’s drama “Unless You’re Crazy,” airing every Wednesday and Thursday.

The drama, starring Moon So-ri and Jung Jae-young, became the talk of the town even before airing, and talks about the survival of seasoned office workers in a tumultuous setting. NK Immune Water of NKCL Bio Group’s appeared in the first two episodes for consumer-friendly marketing.

NK Immune Water is a premium deep-sea water made with a mineral balance similar to that of human body fluids, supplying the ideal minerals to our body. Deep sea water is produced in only 5 countries, including South Korea. Sunlight never reaches that deep, so the water is clearly divided from the ocean’s surface water, kept safe from external pollutants and clean. In addition, the water is a marine resource with low temperature and clarity that exists 200m below the surface, rich in magnesium, calcium, and others.


NK Immune Water is released in two versions: the standard 500ml size, and the 350ml size, which can be mixed with NKCL’s water mix products.

A representative of the brand stated, “we plan to expand our marketing activities, taking pride in leading the immunity care industry and the high-end, unique brand identity of NKCL Bio Group.”
In the meantime, NKCL Bio Group established the NKCL Microbiome Lab on January 21, in cooperation with the research team led by Professor Yoon Bok-geun. It plans to launch various microbiome products, including NK Immune Biome Balance, NK Immune Biome Gluten Cut, Master Cook, and others for balanced intestinal microorganisms.

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